The Blends

Milano A blend typical of the northern Italian style of roasting (Medium - dark rather than a true dark). This promotes the full flavour characteristics and enhances the body of the beans. Smooth, rich with a chocolate undertone

Redlands Subtly sweet and exquisitely smooth. Medium roasted, very flavoursome with good body. Redlands showcases the distinct flavour of the superb African varietal, giving this favourite a chocolate undertone.

Metro Our classic Italian coffee blend. The complex mix of five varietals give this favourite a rich flavour and texture. Medium roasted to produce a rich, full bodied cup, with an excellent aftertaste.

Superior Medium roasted to bring out the best aromatic smell with a rich and creamy flavour.  It will tease your senses and linger on your mind.  Premium beans.  Premium taste.
Italian A true dark roast in the style typical to Southern Italy as well as France. Italian combines three different varietals to all complexity to the dark roast flavour, with hints of tobacco and burnt caramel. Not for the faint hearted

Organic Australian Government Certified Organic P.N.G. "A" grade, medium roasted to produce a well balanced, smooth, rich all-rounder.

Decaffeinated Our dark roasted Colombian decaffeinated coffee is produced via the 'sparkling Swiss water' method of decaffeination. Tastes so good you won't believe it's decaf!