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Coffee Information

How to score your coffee

For many years the wine industry has been scoring their bottles as an indicator of quality and for the vintner, for bragging rights. The coffee industry also has a scoring system based around green coffees – also out of a hundred. Good coffees will score above 80 which are then termed specialty coffee while those that score in the 90s become unicorns to the wider public due to the combination of scarcity and price.

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Roasting Process

The coffee roasting process follows coffee processing and precedes coffee brewing using raw beans. It consists essentially of sorting, roasting, cooling, and packaging but can also include grinding in larger scale roasting houses.

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The Beans

We use a large variety of green beans and roast from scratch. Each single origin and blend batch undergoes stringent testing to ensure maximum flavour and consistency across different grinds. Below are descriptors for some of the beans we use in our single origins and blends:

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The Blends

Our blends have been developed over many years. We focus on creating stand out flavours that truly differentiate each blend and cater to the taste profiles of Australian consumers.

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