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The Beans

We use a large variety of green beans and roast from scratch. Each single origin and blend batch undergoes stringent testing to ensure maximum flavour and consistency across different grinds. Below are descriptors for some of the beans we use in our single origins and blends:

SUMATRAN MANDHELING KUDA MAS Grown near the port of Pandang in Sumatra at altitudes of up to 5,000 feet. This varietal is regarded by many to be among the world's finest. Displaying rich flavour, extraordinary full body and a low key but vibrant acidity.
KENYAN AA Grown on plantations near Mount Kenya, this superb varietal displays a rich, powerful, dry wine like acidity, with a complex and distinctive taste and rich full body. AA is the highest grade available in Kenya.
COLOMBIAN POPAYAN Sourced from the central region of Columbia, in the Cauca region. These beans are high-grown (3000Ft above sea level) and are amongst the best coffees that come out of Colombia. Expect sweet, chocolate, crisp and subtle notes
PAPUA NEW GUINEA A GRADE This coffee is grown in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. This varietal demonstrates a moderately rich, full bodied, although sweet flavour, combined medium acidity.
MEXICAN ORGANIC NASAA Organic certified - traditional, organically grown coffee which has been described as having a gingery, nutty sweetness.
GUATEMALAN STRICTLY HARD BEAN The highlands of Guatemala produce smoky, chocolatey, fruity beans loved for their distinctive individuality. Medium to full body, and rich in flavour, producing a fairly rich cup. This varietal has high acidity. SHB indicates highest grade bean which are grown at altitudes of 4,500 feet or higher.
PERU RFA A full-bodied cup with a finish that lingers as soft, mild, cocoa with raisin like sweetness.
INDIAN ROBUSTA  India is famous for its Robusta Beans and are important in the blending process at Chiasso. Often described as pungent, intense and robust. These beans are a favourite amongst coffee connoisseurs.