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Honduran Coffee Beans

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Location: San Marcos Tasting Notes: Well balanced, smooth body, citrus acidity, caramel sweetness with floral notes and orange & chocolate flavours
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Estate La Laguna was established many decades ago with a lot of effort and dedication by Bernardo Rivera Paz who started planting coffee farms in the La Laguna Protección, Concepcion del Norte, Santa Barbara.

After Bernardo passed away in 2000, his son Bernardo Rivera Diaz took over the family business. Bernardo Jr. constructed a modern wet mill with up-to-date equipment to serve as a centralised wet mill for coffee from the estate as well as his brothers and neighbours to achieve a single quality.  Unfortunately, due to the instability and violence in that time, he was kidnapped and found dead despite the family paying the full ransom. His brother, Dr Alfredo Rivera Diaz took over the family business. 

In 2009, Molinos de Honduras and Dr. Rivera entered into a partnership based on the commercial relationship built over the years. Alfredo acts as Molinos´ link to the region, seeing great potential in the consistent quality of coffee cherry and control of the milling and drying processes. Dr Rivera has also implemented a wide range of new techniques and practices to improve the estate, sharing the ideas with the local growing community. Another major project has been a local store that sells basic items like milk, rice, beans, fruits and vegetables to the small producers in the region. These are sold without profit to assist the other producers.  There are further plans to provide agricultural products like fertilizers, machetes, hoes, work shoes, rubber boots, etc. at low prices.


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