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Mexican Coffee Beans

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MEXICAN ORGANIC Location: Chiapas Region (region) Tasting Notes: Gingery, sweet, nutty
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Chiapas Region (region)

Our Organic Mexican Chiapas coffee remains a great-seller due to its mild, yet flavorful body with sweet notes of brown sugar, pear and a clean, nutty finish. A medium acidity rounds out this absolutely delicious cup. Our Organic Mexican Chiapas coffee is the perfect selection for anyone just beginning their coffee journey.

Coffee arrived in Mexico from the Antilles in the late 1700s and was successfully cultivated there and has developed from strength to strength. Coffee is one of Mexico’s most lucrative exports, supporting the livelihoods of nearly 500,000 farmers and their families. Mexico is also one of the largest producers of organic coffee.

In particular, the high grown Mexican coffees are noted for their complex, citrusy acidity against a balanced chocolate-toffee sweetness.

The diverse topography of Mexico allows fantastic coffee to be grown, its prime region – Chiapas shares the same mountain range with Huehuetenango – one of the best regions for coffee growing in Guatemela. The other growing regions boast fantastic bio-diversity which is setting a world class standard.


Region: Chiapas Region
Type: Arabica
Varietals: Catimor
Altitude: 200 - 1200 MASL
Roast: Medium
Tasting Notes: Gingery, sweet, nutty


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