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Latte Pro Jug 600ml


Latte Pro™ is a uniquely designed milk frothing jug featuring a robust and durable liquid crystal display (LCD) thermometer INTEGRATED into the jug, reducing the need for unreliable & time wasting stick thermometers or the hand-touch method for judging milk temperature

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In the making of any milk-based drink, including coffee, one of the key elements is achieving the optimum milk temperature. This is difficult for baristas and domestic users to achieve every time without reliable tools, and often coffee is made too hot or too cold. We have developed a product that solves this problem and assists baristas and home consumers to achieve the right temperature each time.

Latte Pro™ is a new and uniquely designed milk frothing jug that does not require the use of a stick thermometer. By integrating the temperature measurement within the jug, we have removed the risk of cross-contamination of milk types and hygiene-related issues due to the reinsertion of unclean stick thermometers.

The Latte Pro™ has benefits for:

Professional and part-time baristas
Commercial kitchens
Domestic home users
Office and workplace kitchens
Barista training colleges

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Latte Pro Jug 480ml ($ 34.00), Latte Pro Jug 600ml ($ 34.00), Latte Pro Jug 1000ml ($ 34.00)


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